Uncertain S(K)in

Stop taking the K out of uncertain skin

We need to acknowledge the problems of our kin

I don’t care if there’s a boy masking as a girl

Or a girl a boy because this is the world

What I care about is who you are

Where you’re going and how far

But how much mileage do you get when the mirror seems to forget

That you’re not who you’re supposed to be yet

Ignorance is itself what it begets and we live in a time where gender ain’t set

We’re born as clay so I’ll listen when you say

The right way isn’t driven in a Chevrolet

Honda Toyota or Ferrari

You don’t play Xbox when you’re all about Atari

And if you need to move the paddle to breakout

Then I’ll help take the fake out and stakeout who you’re supposed to be

You see if I felt less like Jake but more like Jane

To say I’m wrong is completely insane

I might change gender and name but my core is still the same

Ribena changes the flavour but it’s still just water

And my parents would hate it if I never became their daughter

And how about those who don’t identify

That’s not a problem that someone needs to rectify

That’s treating the self like math which cannot be justified

It all comes down to who we are beneath skin and bone

Hating on anyone makes them feel alone

When all we need is to be shown the best pace and the best place to be grown

So let’s leave they her and him up to they her and him

Let’s leave the K in uncertain skin

Matter Matters

These are the days when the front-line fanatics of the brighter tomorrow
Are the essential workers of the soul
Meanwhile I have friends that have become machines of unhealthy coping mechanisms
My eyes dress them in my worry and my envy
The pessimists sit in a frightful smugness
And we are distraught at the gallons the cryers hold
But isn’t that a good thing

A taxi driver told me about his ex wife who got the kids
The greatest day of his life is every other Wednesday
I intruded on a car absent of a familiar family populous
He hates this new reality almost as much as he hates her new husband
But isn’t that a good thing
It can’t be torn away unless it belonged in the first place
It stings because it mattered
Imagine being pricked by a thorn bush of Eden
Paradise was promised as pleasure
Its proof was not
The taxi driver smiled at the cost of the journey

We make fortresses of toilet paper
Because we can’t be held by the softest things we know
We hunch around Skype and Zoom like we’ll freeze if we don’t
Most things that matter to me are more than 2 km away
And sprinting to them is not an essential journey
My brother’s distance is as unnatural and sick as a virus that stops the world
There are arms vapid and hollow without me surrounded by them
And it is a paradox that a friend does not sit across my B.L.Ts or my pints
That’s the point
This hurts and it’s stupid and it’s wrong because they matter
Because we’re matter that matters to someone
So I know what I’m doing when this is all over
I’m letting all the pricks of Eden know who they are
And I will do this without words

Inertia’s Best Friend

Hi there
I’m inertia
And I’m your best friend
Even after you walked away from me
And you said the story would end
In those drafty P.E halls
Actually why are they always so drafty
And you said words in your circle of chairs
Words that have me laughing
“I’ve been fighting addiction for so long now
And I’m finally starting to feel free”
You have no concept of prison
Because freedom is me
Call yourself well
I call you unhinged
Call me a prick
But I’m a syringe
I’m every slurp sniff and slit
That gives reality a twinge
Because I am Inertia
I’m your best friend
I’m the choice between the quality and the quantity of life
Before life’s end
I was there when nothing was by your side
So I have to voice my concerns
Because reality is so dull
And nothing is being popped injected or burned
There’s a word for that and it’s masochism
Because life is just designed to be crappy
So I’m going to ask you what any best friend would
Don’t you want to be happy
Do you remember the feeling
The first time you did just a little too much
And do you remember that feeling
That sensation that goes beyond touch
And you can hate me for everything that I’ve given you
You can hate me for all this flirting
But being clean is so neat
Wouldn’t you rather be dirty
And I get what you’re trying to do
I understand what you’re seeking
But your plan has a fatal flaw you’re not acknowledging
You don’t have it in you to beat me
You say you’re going to win
But I always do
Because you forget you’re me
You forget that I’m you
So those sobriety chips
I’m going to eat them and shit them out my fucking end
Because you’re nothing without me
You are nothing but my best friend

Interview with Kindred

I was asked to come in by the wonderful people of Kindred to talk about the future ahead, the writing behind and my ability to fake cry.


There’s a secret I’m too scared to tell
Maybe my heart beats for boys as well
Maybe I hate how the mirror fails to show a female
Maybe I’m autistic and you missed it
But that’s my fault
There’s a mask tasked to halt questions of any class
This mask helps me breeze past any mass
And never be asked who is the real person here
A mask crafted with gold and fear because the news has made it clear
The threats I’d get if I loved a Ruth and a Roy
If I didn’t feel like I was a boy
If flapping my hands gave me joy
The different eyes I’d earn when you saw the lie burn
To the tune of Jim Carey saying “Smokin”
And even without violence I’m a freak or a token
So instead of being laid to waste I took my face and I lost it
Now I lie with the other monsters in the closet
But there’s no fear factor when you’re faced with an actor
There’s less pity and rage when the world is stage
With a script perfectly lipped without a word tripped or a line clipped
And you connected with the mask met at the door
Without it will you want to be my friend anymore
Maybe I’m weird or wrong or a bore
Those who’ve seen beneath adore but there are people who think I need to be cured
Because these are just silly teenage dreams
Or it’s a phase going on longer than it seems
Or it’s the vaccines
Why can’t it just be me
What you don’t see is my mask of gold has me blue
Because it’s exhausting pretending to be you
I collapse in bed because I’m through
Scared to start this all anew
And I want to show you who I am
Really I do
So I’m waiting for the day my nature isn’t chit-chatter
The day I’m not at risk of being battered
Or your image of me doesn’t shatter
I’ll tell you this secret
On the day it doesn’t matter

What Invoked his Wrath

Like Newton’s situation

The apple longed for a human hand

That first bite can never be described

Its juices ran down the throat

Like a perfect stream

A crawling vein of delicious lifeblood

It crunched perfectly

With taste of sweetness

No fruit of this garden could mimic

No knowledge came with this

No rush of the serpent’s motives and means

It was just an apple

A forbidden apple

Another bite

Absent of magic and Lucifer’s influence

But even the word of our Lord shriveled in comparison

To the sweetness owned by us

I guess

Stolen food tastes better

Just a quick redirect

So I was sought out by this Canadian painter named Jessica Stepushyn to do a collaboration between her paintings and my writings. The link below is to some of the work we produced either in tandem or on our own during my Canadian adventure. As well, you can navigate around her website and see what art she has for sale. Maybe one will catch your eye. Maybe there might be a poem about it. Who knows?



Love in Little Tokyo

You are like a suicide in Little Tokyo

Horror in a neon culture that makes us hold each other

You ask would the rain brutally murder water-walking Jesus

You are the appeal unknown to the stable

You are a shine far beneath moonlight

To love you

Is to love surrounded by smogged purples and blues

You call like the first cigarette

And speak like the last


We were always wrong for each other

I live a life of midnights peeling wax

Using a candle to see what I’m doing

So I kiss you like we are not built to last

Just to be the last

The lonely ones

The only ones

To hold each other

Like there’s a suicide in Little Tokyo

Two Sentence Short stories

“You can’t make a story with just two sentences”!

“Watch me”.


After the wing healed, I let her go.

I believed in angels after that.


“You’re going to die alone”.

“That may be, but I’ll live with her”.


“You deserve someone who knows you better.

And here, I saved you the blue M&Ms”.


A tree landed on my car before it spun out of control.

I got out of my car and said “Thanks Dad, and rest in peace”.


“I like things a gentleman should not enjoy” he said.

“I’ve got handcuffs in my bag” she replied with a smile.


“That’s ok sweetie, we all have demons”.

“Are yours in your basement too”?


It was a boy meets girl story until the dick pic was sent.

He was surprised to say the least.