The Fifth Witch

Author’s Note: This piece was written in response to a photo, which can be found here

If you would like to see more of the photographer’s work (and I would highly recommend him), you can do so here

Five witches gave birth to the elements

Earth air fire and water

Dressed to represent their children

But the fifth witch bore a child unknown to this planet

Naming her progeny Void


That which comes before birth and after death

All released from her child will come to be

All her descendant takes back will cease

Praised as the giver of life

As she controls all before it is

Neither witch nor man can depart her company

Without returning someday


None can name any who opposed her

For how can someone be named

When they suddenly never were

The Silent Darkness

I am not asking have you listened somewhere quiet

I am not asking can you hear as much

As the deaf

I am asking you

Can you hear the silence

That deafening nothing that cannot be withstood

That sound that falls on earth owned by those beneath it

As birds stop singing and trees no longer rustle you must

Scream scream scream

For it is coming

For ears deaf and lendable alike

Can you hear it yet


I am not asking can your vision cut through the dark

I am not asking what mechanical goggles or animal eyes can see

Upon the night’s descent

I am asking you

Can you see the darkness

Are you able to watch it siphon street lamps

And sabotage the sleep of children

This is beyond the absence of sun

This is where we drown

When there is no light to behold

Even the blind can succumb to the sight

Can you see it yet