This Funk

I have been in a funk since Monday

The kind of funk that can prematurely age uslonely-814631_1280

The kind of funk that says everyone hates me

I should isolate because this is contagious


I hope you can empathise because

This funk says I am the only one

Neither friend nor enemy can relate

Nor saint nor sinner nor daughter nor son


I am going into town to meet friends

But this funk says the wind blows me back home

They will only make me feel worse

I should play it safe and stay alone


What I am entitled to gets less and less

Until I am stealing breath from those more deserving

On the road of life this funk is a shot of whiskey

Straight to the brain and my car is swerving


But it has been doing too much talking lately

And I’m sick of the sickness and the bully spewing junk

I’m getting the hell out of this droop because

I’m sick to death of this funking funk


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