Soulful Story

This story has a happy middle

And I need to tell it to you because if I don’t

Then I doesn’t have a happy middle

Gosh you’re even prettier up close

So pretty you make the tongue lose memory

And legs feel like they had a lobotomy

Me talking to you now is just an exception to your rule

A reign I could only admire from afar

But I knelt with the rest of them in your church

You’re so pretty that…


A man would sell his soul just to talk to you

That wasn’t a metaphor

I bought a story to say to you

The irony is that this is the story

And the silly thing is

It should have costed more

I would buy ten or twelve stories if I had more souls

So yeah

This is the happy middle I was talking about

Yes I would love to have coffee with you

Just you and me

But I can’t

There is somewhere I need to be


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