dream-catcher-902508_1280Nightmares depend on the sleeper

Horrors to some might urge others to go deeper

Take abstinence for example

Those free from the fruit are filled with nobility ample

And I would be honoured to shake their hand

But the abstinent need to understand

They are unknown to the taste

And the smile it births on the face

God damn the thoughts of a fruit salad or a pie

The dream of the abstinent is not to I

Some may even dare to call it a nightmare

Blaming religion or upbringing saying it is not fair

But they need to understand too

A nightmare to me may be a dream to you

A dream to a junkie is a double dose

A nightmare to an aquaphobe is a house on the coast

So dip a toe in the unknowns before you become shocked and appalled

For there are more dreams for us all


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