Six Words

This pen has been spinning for years

This pen spinning between my fingers

And it has found six words just for you

Six words that linger

I either scribe something worth doing

Or I do something worth writing

And when my pen is devoid of flame

My veins feel charged with lightning

This is my immortal endeavour

I’ll keep going but I’ll never be through

And to begin

I have six words just for you

Not too little and not too much

Six words will suffice

For one does not start by eating the whole cake

So we’ll begin with a six worded slice

If a silver tongue can gain an audience

Once a story is told

Let’s see if with six words

I can forge a tongue of gold

My dream Is to own ink to make you think

To make your heart rise and sink

My hope is that between you and me

Six words are a link

My fantasy is that together we can name the pen

A glorious captor

And my six words to you

See you in the next chapter


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