Glass cigarette

There is a gorgeous irony in losing your glasses

Much like the metallic state of things when you lose your cigarettes

You need them most when you do not have them

But there is a difference

A poisonous defiance of symmetry

Finding one will help you see the end of the road

Finding the other will help you get there



One thought on “Glass cigarette

  1. This is a short explanation of the story behind the poem above. It isn’t necessary to read this part, but if you’re curious about where this piece came from, you are welcome to read on.

    This poem came about one morning when I had lost both my glasses and cigarettes. I was blind with cravings going mental and nearly turning feral because of how much I needed them.

    It was published in a library in Kilkenny. And I have had friends come up to me saying they really enjoyed it. I was honestly surprised at how many people enjoyed reading this piece. I hope you are part of those numbers.


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