Golden Words


(I learnt sign language)

At least I didn’t have the problem

Of trying to say something

I rest my hands on the table

She raises an eyebrow

More accustomed and educated with this language


And she gave a pause

Just like spoken word

She continued

(why? That’s a whole language. And-)

I cut in

Clasping my hands over the rapid movement of her speech

And resting them on the table

(because you sound interesting)


One thought on “Golden Words

  1. This is a short explanation of the story behind the poem above. It isn’t necessary to read this part, but if you’re curious about where this piece came from, you are welcome to read on.

    This piece was inspired by my step mother who was starting to learn sign language. The title came from the phrase “Silence is golden” as well as the idea of what gold represents. Something beautiful and valuable. I feel the words spoken (or not spoken in this case) wear that representation well.


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